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10 Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Went Viral

Don’t we all like to see our mobile marketing campaigns go viral and boost our revenue’s? Sure, but that only happens rarely. What is the philosophy that underlies the success of a mobile marketing campaign?

At Mobile Convention Amsterdam 2015, Mark Fidelman, CEO for Evolve! and columnist for Forbes, stages the 10 best Mobile Marketing campaigns that went viral and made millions. 

Fidelman is especially impressed by the results that came out of Ogilvy’s campaign. “My favorite of the group I’ll be discussing is the Scrabble Wi-Fi mobile campaign. Where Ogilvy Paris decided to create free Wi-Fi connections in places where you typically can’t find Wi-Fi connections. But, cleverly, in order to join the free Wi Fi network, you had to unscramble a word, just like the game. The higher the word score, the longer you could use the network. Results: 110,000 minutes of free WIFI, 6000 words countless downloads of their Scrabble App.”

Meet and exceed goals

According to Fidelman for campaigns to go viral they should meet several demands. “As for the Ogilvy campaign: it tied in an educational angle, with a public need to get on Wi-Fi and gave them exposure and downloads to their app. In general, marketers should aspire to meet and exceed the goals they have for their mobile campaign. They can’t all go viral, but they should be well thought out to achieve their objectives.”

Context, location and commerce

At the stage of Mobile Convention Amsterdam, Fidelman explains where mobile marketing is going. “One future of mobile marketing lies in context, location and commerce. Marketers should be preparing for a time when the mobile device can be used to nudge consumers to consider their products in the context the consumer is in, like a store. Attend my presentation and I’ll tell you more.”

Mark Fidelman will kick off Mobile Convention Amsterdam on Thursday June 4th, 10.05 AM. Check the full program here or buy your tickets for the sixth edition here

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