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Back to reality after Mobile Convention Brussels

After unforgettable contributions by, among others, Kris Hoet, Wim Vermeulen, Quintin Schevernels, Renate Nyborg, Erik Hendrix and Bart van de Vel it’s time head back to reality.

Mobile Convention Brussels was as mobile as it could be in a country in which only 32 percent of the people own a smartphone. Speakers at Mobile Convention Brussels offered a wide range of handles for more (efficient) mobile business and marketing.

Wim Vermeulen for example explained why his employer, de Gouden Gids, went from a book printing company to a successful app owner. Next to being the biggest website builder, De Gouden Gids has put their vision totally on mobile and is now also making money with building and publishing apps for smartphones.

Mobile evangelist en CEO of Pleo Renate Nyborg-Bartlett illustrated why and how businesses can turn mobile disruption into business innovation. Her company Pleo provides the key to the power of mobile. Bart van de Vel (Facebook) admitted his company wasn’t rather mobile minded at first. At MCB however he revealed Facebooks new mobile strategy when it comes to advertising and making businesses successful on Facebook.

Takashis Dan Armstrong is an expert in mobile payments. He particularly finds Near Field Communication a solution without a problem. Why? NFC is not consumer led. He finds no one has asked the customer yet whether he will be using NFC or not. “NFC should be like SMS”, he says. “It should substantially contribute and be something totally new.” Mark Brill underlined Amstrongs statement. “It’s not about technology, it’s about people.” Kris Hoet of Duval Gauillaume agreed as well. Digital is not about technology, context and unique provocative insights are key.

That is a nutshell the most important lesson Mobile Convention Brussels gave: The mobile future is about understanding users and solves their problems.

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    'a very interesting day among mobile experts, highest recommendations'

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    '360° view on actual trends in mobile and an excellent opportunity to meet all actors in the eco system.'

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    'The breadth of subject areas is huge and the quality of the speakers is excellent. You can't help but leave with some great learnings.'

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    'The Mobile Convention Amsterdam is definitely a must for every Mobile Expert.'

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    'A must-attend for the Mobile Professional!'

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    'This is a conference that needs to be on your list of great networking and for what you learn as well.'

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    'Impressive venue and great networking'

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    'MCA, Incredibly refreshing. Every talk was meaningful, every speaker was authentic and passionate.'

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