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Beyond Mobile during Mobile Convention Amsterdam 2014

MCA2014 went beyond mobile. Not only did MCA particularly spent attention to wearables and IoT, it was as well about people and ownership: mobile does not own you. You are in charge.

Pocket Universes

Louisa Heinrich spread a somewhat controversial opinion and vision on mobile. On one hand, she’s like a lot of people addicted to her mobile phone. It's not for nothing she calls them little ‘pocket universes’. On the other hand she is struggling against the addictiveness of staring at its screen hundreds of times a day. She wants to regain control, but still begs developers to keep developing awesome things. “But please, let it be about people”, Heinrich said.


Mooi slotwoord @customdeluxe: "Don't be distracted by all the shiny stuff, design for real people" #mocoam

— Tim van Letht (@timvl) 22 mei 2014


Ubers fight for business

Disruptive taxi app Uber gains control as well as it revealed more functions in its taxi application. Niek van Leeuwen explained how and why Uber will be controlling more aspects of worldwide transportation and to which extend Uber users are able to choose their own method of transportation.

Hybrid messaging: SMS and Push

Hybrid messaging will be future for mobile messaging, stated Jeroen van Glabbeek in his presentation. Hybrid messaging combines SMS text messages and push notifications, making it the infallible way of communicating between companies and their clients and governments and civilians.

Here’s a MindShift

Forrester’s Thomas Husson revealed the book ‘The Mobile Mindshift’. The mobile mind shift is the expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context and moments of need. "Your customers and employees are making this shift, now. This shift means the battle for your customer's attention will be waged in mobile moments — anytime that customer pulls out a mobile device." (read two chapters of the book here).


Consumers and getting to know them better is important for The Coca-Cola Company too. José Antunes explained how his company is getting to know its consumers better: by launching a $200 social network app called SmileWorld. On the platform, Coca-Cola consumers share pictures and other content and review a variety of products. 


'From database strategy to fanbase strategy' ... Learnings of the day #cocacola #mymobilemoment #MoCoAm

— Frederic Schroyens (@elschroyo) 22 mei 2014


Recapitulatory, all the above mentioned – whether it’s clients, passengers, mobile users or employees – designate mobile is about people. The mobile world is emphatically concentrating on user experience and people’s demand. 


#MoCoAm Was great to participate again. Great crowd

— Michiel de Gooijer (@thePitcher) 22 mei 2014


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