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Google’s Kate Adams: Connecting online search and store visits

Kate Adams (Google)

A mere handful of advertisers do it well: online advertising, measure their online impact and consequently take full use of the collected data. Kate Adams: “People are become smarter, show higher expectations and are increasingly impatient. Businesses do not fully realise how they have to respond appropriately.”


Kate Adams is Head of Performance Solutions & Innovation Northern Europe for Google. She is the link between Northern Europe and Mountain View. As the team leader she’s responsible for rolling out and implementing Google’s Performance Products in Northern Europe.


Mobile Convention Amsterdam 2015

Together with Daniel Rosen (Telefonica), Peter Sells (Havas) and Scott Seaborn (Aima) Kate participates in the Mobile Marketing panel during the 6th edition of Mobile Convention Amsterdam on June 4th. The Mobile Marketing panel discusses how marketing will develop in the future and how marketers can continue to engage with audiences using new innovations.


Store Visits

Working from Denmark Kate explains how she and her team are currently rolling out Store Visits, which links online search activities and physical store visits. Google determines a store visit based on user proximity to the advertiser’s location on Google Maps from users that have Location History activated on their Apple or Android smartphones. The metric draws on search ad clicks across all devices — smartphones, tablets and desktops — and campaign types, including product listing ads and local inventory ads. Estimates are based on store visits within the last 30 days of an ad click


Strategic roll of the smartphone

That data give advertisers tools to offer consumers even more specific information when they expect and need it. Store Visits is already tested in the US and the UK and aims to improve shopping experiences. It furthermore should drive both online and offline purchases. “To this day that is now being done too little”, Kate Adams explains Store Visits. “Store owners and consumers do not fully exploit the strategic roll the smartphone already has in the customer journey. With consumers increasingly turning to mobile and the lack of attention to that development, mobile consumer experiences are usually bad. At Google, we progressively follow this movement, comparable to recent changes in Google’s algorithm, known as Mobilegeddon. We do this to optimise mobile experiences.”


According to Kate, marketers should focus on this movement. “How do you put mobile technology to work for you and the best possible customer journey: the right piece of information on the right time on the right device. Applying this to the full journey – and just during the transaction – means a better service and a rise in purchases. Whether the transaction takes place in a physical store, a call centre or online, the location shouldn’t matter. The consumer decides the most enjoyable journey. The smartphone takes a central position in this journey.”



Another trend is experimenting, says Kate. “Measuring processes is important but doesn’t necessarily solve anything. Understanding consumer behaviour through all channels is important, because they lead to understanding moments of contacts with consumers. The real penetration of data and applying to drive revenues remains scarce, though. Businesses tend to collect large amounts of data but subsequently do not apply them right and neglect improving conversion and the customer journey. It seems collecting all these useful data is crippling companies rather than improving them.


The biggest companies started small

Adams advises companies to start using signals in marketing and start on a small scale. “Businesses see a rise in mobile traffic of sometimes 50%. My advice is not to wait, but start right away improving customer journeys. Even the most competitive and most successful companies started small. Don’t expect to be a top player right away. Act fast and with courage but understand that the consumer is in control.”

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