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NOS FIFA World Cup app exceeds all expectations

The FIFA World Cup 2014  in Brazil has reached its quarter finals. In just 10 days the world will embrace a new World Champion. Dutch broadcaster NOS published a joint app with FIFA. We asked Lara Ankersmit: How is it doing?

Q: You’ve presented the app at Mobile Convention Amsterdam on May 22nd. What were the greatest challenges in designing and developing it?

A: We partly bought this app from FIFA. In the agreement we settled that the NOS were able to customize features and functionalities. The alignment with the app developer together with our deadline of June 12th, the start of the World Cup, was the greatest challenge of all. You start to see the real performances of an app like this only by the time the World Cup has already begun and people start using the app. In other words: You cannot genuinely test the app before. This resulted in some updates we’ve recently released.

Q: Which features were an absolute must within the NOS FIFA World Cup App?

A: Most important for us as a broadcaster were the variety of camera views we could show and the speed with which we could publish these camera shots from various angles. We furthermore demanded extremely high quality of pictures, statistics, etc.

Q: What were the expectations for the number of downloads?

A: We expected some 500.000 downloads of the NOS FIFA app. As of this week 913.000 people have downloaded the app onto their mobile devices. Hence, well over expectations, you might say. Our expectations were in fact maybe a bit too low. That goes as well for the number of people using the app on a daily basis.

Q: Why is this app better than the dozen other apps there are around the FIFA World Cup?

A: In our app users are able to view and review all the images. We let them view shots and angles that aren’t even on television: all the actions, all goals, offenses etc. our users can view from different angles and different stadiums. That is what makes this app really unique and urgent today. And probably a must-have for everyone who can’t get enough of and wants to enjoy the greatest goals or wants to see what the referee did not see.

Q: I’ve used the app since the beginning of the World Cup. Why have you chosen not to use push notifications for communicating results of matches etc?

A: We chose to use the most easy-to-use variant of the World Cup app. There was of course an option to send push notifications, but for financial reasons among others, we chose not to use it. We also inform our audience using push notifications through our own branded NOS app, which contains a lot of news and information about the FIFA World Cup.

More: Read the article on the NOS app published in February: NOS brings the FIFA World Cup 2014 to your mobile


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