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Wearable Solar: Merging fashion and technology

For Pauline van Dongen there’s a very thin line between fashion and technology. To put it stronger: technology and fashion belong to each other.

At Mobile Convention Amsterdam, Pauline shows her Wearable Solar Project. 

With the Wearable Solar project Pauline aims to meet the increasing demand of energy and connectivity, while anticipating on the growing wearable tech market: a market where clothing and accessories more often become a platform for new functionalities. For instance Google Glasses and smartwatches.

Wearable Solar exists out of two prototype designs, a coat and a dress made from wool and leather. They produce sustainable energy through integrated solar cells. The coat incorporates 48 rigid solar cells and the dress has 72 flexible solar cells. If worn in the full sun for an hour, it can generate enough energy to allow a typical smartphone to be 50% charged. The solar cell compartments can be unfolded when needed and folded back when they are not being used.

The design inspiration derives from the solar cells layered internal structure. They in fact resemble the stratified cells of the human body, which naturally interacts with sunlight. If a body/cloth is augmented with solar cells it will embody enough electrical power to become a source of energy.

Pauline van Dongen researches the body in a technologically textured space. After graduating from ArtEZ, Academy of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, she started her own womenswear label in 2010. Working closely with companies from the field of science and innovation, Pauline aims to merge fashion and technology giving life to scientific creations. 


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